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Due to popular, and unexpected demand Unique Shave Solution is currently out of stock. We are waiting on a shipment from our supplier.

Contains an infusion of fifteen essential oils, carefully chosen from sources around the world, to achieve what is unquestionably the best shave a man can ever experience. Allows a man to see what he is shaving. Cleanses the pores, softens the hair follicle at the root, and provides a smooth, close shave no matter how tough the beard.

PRODUCT ACTIONS AND BENEFITS Softens hair follicles at the root and eliminates razor drag for a shave free from irritation and redness. Non-lathering action allows a clear view of shaving area, which further reduces the chance of nicks and cuts. Prolongs razor life. Restores skin balance and promotes new cell growth, moisturizes and conditions to help eliminate dryness and roughness, and helps protect the skin from the elements. Even on heavy beards, produces an extremely smooth and comfortable shave.

COMPLEXION TYPE All - Oily, Normal, Dry, and Sensitive skin.

CONTAINS Egyptian Geranium balances skin and helps keep it supple. English Lavender promotes new cell growth, and North African Myrrh helps prevent tissue degeneration. French Peppermint purifies sluggish skin and helps clear pores. Bulgarian Yarrow heals cuts and skin irritations. Indian Sandalwood and Iranian Galbaum restore balance to, soften, and preserve the skin.

APPLICATION Wet face generously to prepare beard for shaving. Dispense four or five drops of Unique Shave Solution's into a wet palm, and thoroughly massage into area to be shaved. Wait 30 seconds, and then re-wet face before beginning to shave. Unique Shave Solution's is water-activated - if any area dries or you experience razor drag, massage more water into the area without adding more Solution. When finished, just towel dry.


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