Six Steps to the Ultimate Shave

Mont Source is Looking to elevate the way men think about shaving and skin care.

Step 1

The most important step for the ultimate shave is preparing the beard for shaving. Soak your whiskers with warm water at least two minutes before shaving. This can be best accomplished by showering before shaving. Warm water causes hair to expand about 34% in volume in about two minutes and thus, makes it softer and easier to cut. The force required to cut a softened beard hair is reduced by nearly 70%. Pre-cleansing helps remove dead skin cells and skin secretions, such as oil, which inhibit water penetration. By removing the build up that impedes smooth razor action, you will have prepared your skin for the closest shave possible. Use Mont Source Pre-Shave Exfoliating Scrub in the shower before shaving to clean and prep the skin and beard.

Step 2

Lubricate your skin with a thick shaving creme that prevents evaporation of water and allows the razor to glide smoothly. Rich, moist shave cremes, like Mont Source, are best for providing these results as opposed to typical foams which contain mostly air, and hydrocarbon propellants that can irritate the skin. Mont Source shave cremes can be worked into a rich lather by hand, or for the ultimate shaving result, try a shaving brush which truly prepares the whiskers for shaving. Wet the brush with the hottest water your tap provides, and then add shaving creme on the brush. Work into a rich lather directly on the face. The brush action stands the hair follicle up allowing the blade to cut the hair at a more perpendicular axis. Squeeze the rich lather out of the brush with two fingers and apply to the beard. Your beard is now ready for shaving.

Step 3

For sensitive skin, shave with the grain, in the direction of natural beard growth. Mont Source Shave Cremes and Oils, require less pressure when shaving, minimizing the amount of skin surface disturbance and irritation, allowing shaving against the grain for those really close shaves. Shave the sideburns and cheeks first, then the neck. The whiskers are the thickest on the upper lip and chin, so shave them last to allow more time to absorb water and soften. Mont Source Shave Creme are specifically formulated to allow retwetting throughout the shave which continuously softens the beard and lubricates for a smoother glide.

Step 4

Always use a sharp cutting edge. Rinse the blade often under hot running water during the shave. After shaving, rinse the razor thoroughly under hot water to remove any residual debris from the blade.

Step 5

Thoroughly rinse all shaving creme from the face and then rinse again with cool water to calm the skin. Follow your shave with the soothing and reparative benefits of an After-Shave Toner to soothe red, irritated skin. Mont Source has combined natural plant extracts in an invigorating, non-alcohol toner to act as a cellular stimulant, encouraging the production of new cells in order to refine skin tone for a healthier look.

Step 6

Nourish and protect your skin from the elements by applying a hydrating lotion or balm. Mont Source After Shave Hydrating Lotion is a light-textured infusion of herbal extracts to help renew and restore skin stressed by time, fatigue, the environment or the daily process of shaving. It is quick absorbing and non-greasy. Use at night to soften your skin and beard for a closer shave the next morning.

Shaving should be a self-elevating experience to carry one into whatever the day has in store.