Evening Standard

Reporter lauds Mont Source Unique Shave Solution:
"It's true - the closest shave I've ever had."

The October special mens' edition of London's ES magazine features Evening Standard reporter Nick Curtis' account of his first encounter with Mont Source's Unique Shave Solution, at Adams, the Mayfair "top-notch gents' pamperers" which charges $20 for a sybaritic shave. What's his verdict?

Arriving with a three days' growth resembling "an Amish chin strap," the reporter describes the "mild menthol smell and pleasant numbing effect" of the Unique Shave Solution, and then his delight at the effect: "... I do the fingertip test. And it's true - the closest shave I've ever had."

Asked to personally verify that test, "Various female colleagues ... coo wonderingly as they stroke my face." Nick Curtis sums up his experience this way: "Mont Source is by far the most soothing, gentle and refreshing shaving product I've used."

Mont Source International products are available in fine salons and great stores worldwide. In London, look for Unique Shave Solution at Harrods, Selfridges, or Fenwick.

Please note: Mont Source is no longer available at Harrods, Selfrides, or Fenwick.