A Message from the CEO

Welcome to our website, in which you will find a brief overview of our company's history and philosophy, and an easy-to-use catalog of our products. Using the best of modern applied science, we've combined essential oils and herbal extracts from around the world to harness the power of natural ingredients in promoting a distinctive natural approach to health, strength, and self-confidence.

We say this elsewhere, but it's worth repeating: We avoid mineral oils, synthetic preservatives and colorants. Our ingredients are genuine and unadulterated and whenever possible, they are organically- or wild-grown. We use no animal products, and we neither conduct nor condone animal testing.

We all recognize that a regular regimen of skin and hair care, nutrition and fitness helps to maintain visible good health. Mont Source products are designed to naturally cleanse, to nourish, and to soothe - and to further defend against the "outrageous slings and arrows" of modern living, by invigorating the spirit.

That, too, will help create a healthier, happier, more appealing you. Thanks for visiting us.

Otis Darby
Mont Source